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Welcome to MaximumWax,  experts in body and facial hair-removal, based at Yoshimi Spa Newquay, Cornwall.  MaximumWax operates by appointment only and specialises in male and female full body and intimate waxing, offering the most discrete, confidential and professional of services. And if you don’t need any waxing right now, or you would like to add an extra treatment to your appointment, you can also enjoy some relaxing by indulging in a variety of different massages, as well as Neal’s Yard facials and body treatments. Please see the menu for further details.

Our Services

MaximumWax are specialists in Hollywood and Brazilian waxing for both men and women and  trained to the highest standards possible. Our waxing therapist is a consummate professional and is a licensed member of The Guild of Beauty Therapists, one of the largest governing bodies for Beauty Therapists in the United Kingdom.

Personal Waxing Service

MaximumWax uses the very best available premium-quality strip wax and hard wax and pre and post waxing products from Perron Rigot in order to take the very best care of your skin, as well as quickly and effectively removing your unwanted hair, making your waxing experience as fast and as comfortable as possible

How it works

For general body waxing; legs, feet, chests, backs, arms and hands; Perron Rigot strip wax is used.  This warm wax, which has the consistency of runny honey, is applied in thin layers over the hair and skin with a spatula is carefully and expertly removed using disposable bonded-paper strips as shown in the video.

For intimate waxing, including pubic areas, underarms and facial waxing, a hard wax is used. This thick and pliable wax is applied with disposable wooden spatulas and as the wax starts to set, the hairs are trapped and shrink-wrapped within the drying wax and removed quickly without the use of strips, being kinder to the skin of your most delicate areas whilst efficiently removing the thicker and coarser hairs.

Why Wax?

There are several reasons for choosing to wax to remove your body hair in preference to shaving or using depilatory cream. Hair is removed from the root, rather than at skin level, leaving your body, hair-free for several weeks at a time, rather than for a day or two, and apart from a short visit once a month or so to MaximumWax, you won’t have to do any maintenance on your body hair at all, in fact you shouldn’t!

If you have tried shaving you have probably found your skin gets quickly irritated as regrowth is quick to appear, leaving you sore and uncomfortable. With waxing, regrowth of the hair is slow, soft and irritation-free and after waxing regularly for some months, hair growth should start to slow down, making subsequent sessions, easier, quicker and even more comfortable.

Once you start waxing, you won’t want to go back to shaving or creams again! The ease of being waxed once a month and then forgetting about it and enjoying the feel and look of your smooth, soft skin afterwards, are second to none…. guaranteed.

As Male grooming is now fast catching up with female beauty treatments as amongst the most popular personal care services. MaximumWax is proud to have gained a reputation as being among the top mixed gender grooming services in the UK.

Put you trust in our experienced hands…you won’t be disappointed.

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